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Litigation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution

Our Litigation, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution team has the knowledge, experience, drafting and advocacy skills and multi-disciplinary expertise to deliver on dispute resolution assignments. Members of the team have constantly and successfully represented clients at trial and appellate Courts. Our advocacy and litigation skills acquired over the years in both simple and complex, or keenly contested cases are quite forensic and knowledge-based.

Our experience includes setting in motion, arbitral proceedings, and representing clients thereat until the delivery of Awards. We have, in some cases, successfully challenged or defended challenges to Awards. We have also averted business losses by mediating between parties.

Our Dispute Resolution Practice is rich with this diversity and made richer by our ability to switch roles and advise holistically on the best approach to adopt in any given situation.

At the Firm, we do not regard Litigation and Arbitration as mere alternatives to each other but as parallel dispute resolution channels to which Mediation and Conciliation may stand as forerunners. This approach is in keeping with the global dispute resolution trend where the need for business continuity and the desire to meet set targets favour expediency over other considerations.

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